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Visit my storenvy to buy premade punpun plushes! I’m also working on listing my old cosplays so you can know the price and measurements without having to ask.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Not really, a cosplay question.. I was searching for good reference photos for pekoyama's swordcase, and yours is excellent. I was wondering if you had a sword too? Also, you mentioned CTcon a few times, are you going again this year?


Thank you! My friend did a really good job on it. I have a shinai, yes, though it’s not allowed at a lot of cons.
I’m not going to ctcon this year cause it’s just a little much for me right now, and most of my friends aren’t going.

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In which Michaela IS Yukako Yamagishi and I am literal infant Koichi Hirose. 

Yukako Yamagishi // Koichi Hirose

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Anonymous asked: Sorry I just found you so I don't know but I totally need help with making Vriska's robot arm can you help????????


If I was to make one now I’d make a paper pattern, cut that out in sealed craft foam and paint it metallic.  I’d then make/buy a glove (a stretchy one, I’d make mine out of tights) and glue my metal pieces to that.  If you want more exact instructions there are a lot of good automail (or robot arm for Vriska herself!) tutorials out there like this one  that can help you with the actual patterning of the arm.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Cosplays for Sale! (all you see here and more - basically, if I’ve worn it I’m selling it) 

My measurements are 36-29-37, but some range (elastic waistband, etc). Shoe size 8.  Contact me for pricing or just for details on a costume to see if it’ll fit, which parts I’m selling, etc.

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Anonymous asked: hi there! i was wondering what makeup you used for your grimdark rose cosplay. i was thinking of using snazzaroo but a friend told me that it makes eyeshadow and other makeup (such as lipstick) difficult to put on because it tends to cake if you put on too much or rub too hard on it. thanks and have a nice day!


I used mehron creamblend dark gray I think?

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marvelintimelords97 asked: Hey! so hopefully I am not asking something you have already answered but I checked and did not see it so, I was just wondering where did you purchase your wig for Aradiasprite I am cosplaying her in an upcoming convention and still have no clue where I should order the wig from~ p.s your cosplays are really amazing ^u^


The one I’m wearing in photos is Arda’s Luthien in Maroon. It has not been cut or restyled.

Thank you very much! Good luck.

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